Filicori Zecchini Certificates

Certified Italian Espresso

Our best blends scrupulously adhere to the technical requirements of the Italian Espresso Institute, which is why they can display the "Certified Italian Espresso" brand.

This recognition is reserved only for blends with precise and specific characteristics that make them immediately recognizable.

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IFS Food Standards

With this certification we have improved the levels of safety for customers, consumers and suppliers.  

Safe production, safe drink. This IFS certification is very important for our coffee production system. Registration with the IFS food standard demonstrates our commitment to safety, quality and legality in the food sector. 

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Organic Certification

We believe our organic blends can keep GMOs away from your cup of coffee and contribute to a virtuous and healthy planet.Organic farming and sustainability mean better and safer coffees.

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FairTrade Certification

Acting correctly, such as choosing FAIRTRADE solutions, has allowed us to be more aware of the impact that our products can have on the environment and of the growth opportunities of the coffee farmers we work with.

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