We have loved and worked with coffee for over a hundred years.In this century of activity we have overcome many challenges and learned many things.We could limit ourselves to reaping the fruits of this long work, but our way of doing business is to always look to the future and never to the past.For this reason, we invest a lot in innovation and in the research of new products, always trying to keep up with the times.

Direct Purchase

Since the beginning of our activities we have chosen to guarantee our customers constant quality through the creation and maintenance of consolidated relationships with green coffee farmers.For many years, we have been sourcing the best Arabica varieties from the same producers in Brazil and Central America and the finest Robusta varieties in India.This allows us to keep our historical blends unchanged in taste and aromas, so loved at the bar as at home.

Seperate Roasting

In the composition of the blends, 3/4 different mono-origins of coffee are generally used.We have always chosen to roast all the single origins that make up each blend separately, to respect the organoleptic characteristics of each type of bean and to enhance and enhance all its aromas.Only after roasting are the single origins mixed to compose our precious blends.

We want to be a point of reference in the world of coffee, committing ourselves to giving our best and setting an example in all market segments.We want to represent the best for HoReCa, the best for Coffee Lovers, the best for Modern Trade and the best for OCS.


For a hundred years, every day we have been committed to doing business in the best possible way.To certify the levels we have reached, we rely on the continuous control of third parties who certify our way of working, the quality of our products, the seriousness of our process controls.

Such as IEI, IFS, USDA, FairTrade

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Today, for us at Filicori Zecchini, working for the next generations means limiting the environmental impact of production as much as possible and committing ourselves, on a daily basis, to researching technologies and materials that increasingly reduce the environmental footprint of our production cycle.We do this by choosing to use recyclable materials in the packaging and creating a line of compatible capsules that are 100% biodegradable in a few weeks and packaged with packaging made from recycled materials. 

We celebrate coffee.We work every day to strengthen the culture of good coffee in Italy and around the world, trying to change the way it is perceived and experienced.We want to transform a daily ritual rooted in cultures from all over the world into a moment of pure pleasure, a gastronomic experience.


We are one of the first Italian roasting companies along side our distributors to bet and invest in the training of our customers. In 2001 we created the Laboratorio dell'Espresso, where we offer educational solutions that combine passion and competence and help customers grow.

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